Hey, fellow WoW players, welcome to my OmgNab.com website!

I started playing World of Warcraft, I think, in 2007, when the Burning Crusade expansion was released. Like many other students with an empty wallet, I first tried WoW on some private servers, and soon this game got under my skin. So I decided to sacrifice a few beers per month for an original World of Warcraft subscription and had become one of my hobbies. But of course, I am not that kind of no-social-life-player.

I noticed that there are no good websites about farming specific tradable items, so I decided to make one. Inside the game, I travelled a lot, searching for the best farming places and made a list of the best ones. If you have any comments/suggestions, you are most welcome to contact me through the contact page or/and you can comment under any post you like. I will regularly update all the places if you find any better spots for farming certain materials.

Thanks to wowhead.com for all the screenshots of the maps and item icons.

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