Felweed Farming

Pickable at: Herbalism Skill 300


First of all, if you want to farm herbs, you need to have Herbalism profession, so visit one of the herbalism trainers. You can find Felweed in pretty much every territory in Outlands. However I found out Blade’s Edge Mountains to be the best zone for farming it. Of course you may want to try elsewhere; I will show you the maps of Hellfire Peninsula and Nagrand where you can also farm quite efficiently.


Blade’s Edge Mountains

I had quite a success farming it in the central valley of the territory, start there and then follow my path. Make sure to return to the central valley, as you may see, there are lots of nods there.

Blade's Edge Mountains - Felweed


Hellfire Peninsula

What can I say, just fly the area randomly, there is no specific place. As you may see, the nods are just everywhere.

Hellfire Peninsula - Felweed



Same as in Hellfire Peninsula.

Nagrand - Felweed

Check it out also my Terocone farming guide if you are interested in.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to throw a comment below.

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